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about me


Starting in 2013 I started my career in the hair industry.  I studied at the Aveda Institute in Dallas and hit the ground running. I didn’t always think I would be in the cosmetology world, I studied at Arizona State University to get my bachelor’s in photography. Knowing after a year it wasn’t my true passion. My passion was in the hair.


The hair is such a defining feature of a person.  Whether it is long and down to the waist, a bob to the collar bone, a pixie, or even bald; we can all identify someone by their hair.  This is why it is my passion. We all want to have healthy hair that others can be envious of.  I have had my fair share of bad hair hiccups back in the day and this is what motivated me to be the best possible hairstylist I could be.


With everything that we do the more we learn the more we grow.  I strive to further my craft with continuing education and coaching.  There is always change in trends and I want to be able to give my clients the best of the best and offer the knowledge that surrounds it.


My purpose for doing hair is to make women feel confident and luxurious in themselves.  When we look good, we feel good.  I want my clients to feel listened to and cared for during their whole experience with me.

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